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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Software Freedom Law Center's CTO Bradley Kuhn has issued a statement regarding the Novell-Microsoft agreements and how they will impact FOSS developers. They have analyzed in particular Microsoft's Patent Pledge for Non-Compensated Developers and see little value and in fact say it's worse than useless, because it creates an illusion of safety and because it limits severely what that developer is allowed to do with his work."
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Novell will react
by bibe on Sat 11th Nov 2006 19:04 UTC
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Novell is putting its buisness interests above the whole community, but I think they are despite of everything listening to the reaction of the community and users, so they will probably react if we push them around for the bullsh*t theh've done, fu**ing traitors. So Novell bashing is great, and the only way we can only pull their phoney image down and make them listen. A nice anti-Novell logo would do wonders ;)

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by Mitarai on Sat 11th Nov 2006 19:22 in reply to "Novell will react"
RE[2]: Novell will react
by sbergman27 on Sat 11th Nov 2006 20:01 in reply to "RE: Novell will react"
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"""The I would call you all a bunch of pathetic hypocryts, Red Hat included, how many of you are using MySQL you know the company that parnered with SCO?"""

I prefer PostgreSQL, myself.

But while MySQL AB is not my favorite company, I think you are off the mark in criticizing them for supporting the Open Server platform. In my way of thinking, it is never wrong to make OSS software work better on *any* platform, proprietary or not, and despite the community's general feeling about said platform. It helps the users of that platform by making OSS software available to them. And it makes it easier for them to transition to another platform at a later time because they can start moving to OSS applications now, and then move to another OS in a two phase migration.

Furthermore, as an OSS advocate, I'm getting a bit weary of the FS fundamentalists' constant preaching. I put them in the same class as religious fanatics who are bound and determined to save our mortal souls, and are oh so very sure of thier own moral purity.

Please stop. It reflects badly upon us reasonable folks, and makes people think we're all a bunch of loonies.

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RE[2]: Novell will react
by Accident on Sat 11th Nov 2006 20:02 in reply to "RE: Novell will react"
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>My advice to you, get a life outside the Internet<

So what are you doing here?

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