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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Software Freedom Law Center's CTO Bradley Kuhn has issued a statement regarding the Novell-Microsoft agreements and how they will impact FOSS developers. They have analyzed in particular Microsoft's Patent Pledge for Non-Compensated Developers and see little value and in fact say it's worse than useless, because it creates an illusion of safety and because it limits severely what that developer is allowed to do with his work."
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My Take
by fsckit on Sun 12th Nov 2006 02:28 UTC
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Alright I'm going to lay my entire understanding of this deal out there, because I see a lot of back and forth bickering and a lot of folks seem completely clueless about this thing. If you think I'm completely full of shit, feel free to call me out but bring your proof please.

Microsoft has long since learned the only way to stop free software/open source/linux whatever you want to refer to it as, is by killing off the hackers that make it happen. So far the only reason they haven't targetted individuals for patent violations is because of the threat of Novell suing their asses into the stone age with their own patent portfolio. But Novell is sinking financially at this point because they don't have a place in the desktop world and RedHat is severely kicking their asses in the server market. So they go to Microsoft and offer to not use their patent portfolio against them (as far as I know this part is completely binding because it was never stated otherwise) in exchange for a promise that Microsoft won't sue individual developers (a promise Microsoft can back out of at any time). Where does this leave us? Well it leaves Novell with an assload of cash and Microsoft in a prime position to f--k us all. Go ahead and try using something patented by Microsoft and see how long that "promise" lasts. Anyone who has ever contributed code under a free software license should be extremely pissed at this point. Those who have not will probably say we're all just nutters.

Again, I could be completely off base. If you think I am, go ahead and put me straight, but you will need actual proof not "Ju ze4l0tz sUx0r".

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RE: My Take
by b3timmons on Sun 12th Nov 2006 03:19 in reply to "My Take"
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I'm with you; I guess one thing to do is to consider competing technologies, e.g., help displace Mono in its niches with Java (assuming good news next week from Sun).

You give MS its strategic due, which too many overlook. Another analysis which does a good job here is

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