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PC-BSD "I've been using PC-BSD for approx. 10 Months so I've had enough time to see what life throws at me with it. My first install was 1.0 Release Canadate 1 and I currently run PC-BSD 1.2 (the current release) on my laptop and have a beta version of 1.3 installed on my desktop for testing. This will cover PC-BSD 1.2 and PC-BSD in general. PC-BSD is primarly for desktops but makes a darn good laptop/workstation system." More here.
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RE: Interesting opinion
by ple_mono on Sun 12th Nov 2006 14:16 UTC in reply to "Interesting opinion"
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Good call. I found it interesting.
This guy seem to have a very "user" perspective on things, and that is important because we can learn what improvements we need to make to software -> friendly without dumbing it down. He clearly "mastered" pc-bsd (and kde) to some extent without being a rocket scientist and that is a good sign.
He got the message through to me anyways ;)

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