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OpenStep, GNUstep The popularity of OS X among geeks in recent years has led to a lot more people discovering OpenStep through Cocoa. GNUstep provides a much-needed Free Software alternative, as David Chisnall explains.
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RE: RE: Question for GNUstep fans
by dennis on Sun 12th Nov 2006 18:55 UTC
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Personally I dislike GNUstep's GUI. GNOME and KDE are looking modern while GNUstep looks old fashioned. I don't need a GUI to do the job so I prefer the commandline over a GUI that's no eye candy at all.

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Take a look at étoilé ( ) and camaelon ( ).

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heh, the NEXTSTEP GUI is one of my alltime favorites ;) I love it. i'd rather use it than KDE/Gnome anyday... Funny how different peoples preferences can be.

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