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AMD AMD has stopped its work on the Personal Internet Communicator project after nearly two years of planning and development. The PIC was announced in late 2004 as a USD 250 headless computer, sporting a Geode x86 processor, 128MB of RAM and a 10GB hard drive. PIC was designed for 'emerging markets' where the cost of computer hardware is seen as prohibitively high.
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RE[2]: Going with the EFIKA
by jebb on Mon 13th Nov 2006 10:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Going with the EFIKA"
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The picture shows an optical SP/DIF output, if I'm not mistaken. Any idea which chipset drives the audio? If it's capable of outputing 44.1kHz without resampling, that could be the perfect basis for that mpd-based music jukebox I've been having wet dreams about...

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A little more technical detail on it (the page is meant to reduce the number of support calls for "which page of the docs is..?")

It's basically an enhanced AC97 controller in the SoC, with a Sigmatel STAC 9766 (same as on the Pegasos!) - it has an 18-bit internal mixer, and can play up to 16-bit 48KHz stereo audio through each output (it has plenty, check out the gallery).

By default the S/PDIF outputs the same audio that is on the main line-out channel (at least under ALSA this works), but you can tell it to do LPCM/AC3 passthrough if you push the right data at it.

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