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GTK+ GTK+ 2.8.0 has been released. You can download it from here, and read the release notes here. GTK+ 2.8.0 depends on the Cairo vector graphics library for rendering most of the GTK+ widgets, bringing graphics capabilities as antialiased shapes, alpha blending, and gradients.
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RE[2]: Weird problems
by Mystilleef on Sun 14th Aug 2005 22:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Weird problems"
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I use Windows XP with 256MB of RAM powered by a 1.4GHz Athlon XP processor. I've used Abiword, Gaim and a number of GTK+ applications on Window, and I am not experiencing any of your problems.

I do not feel GTK+ is any worse or better than Windows' native widgets or Qt. I have yet to come accross anybody who complained about GTK+ give concrete, undisputable and objective data regarding it's slowness.

The complaints have always been along the line of, "Its faster, than X but it is slower than Y." If I was a GTK+ developer and you wrote that in a bug report, I would openly insult you.

Several individuals on this thread alone have provided data that were actually systematically measured. These data showed were GTK excelled and where it had drawbacks. These are useful information developers can use to track down problems and profile.

Among the "GTK is Slow" clans, none of them have actually sat down to provide any substantial data other than, anecdotal evidence and other questionable subjective experience, not to mention geeky fetishes, like 1% spikes in CPU usage.

If GTK is really slow, I'd like the GTK is SLOW crowd to actually provide data no matter how unscientific that at least we look at study and make comparisons.

Oh, by the way, my car is better than yours and it is so blatantly obvious. Just put your car right beside mine and you will see for yourself.

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RE[3]: Weird problems
by J. M. on Sun 14th Aug 2005 23:08 in reply to "RE[2]: Weird problems"
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If I see that GTK+ on Windows XP does not react to window resizing at all until you stop resizing the window, I absolutely don't need any scientific data to be able to say that the window resizing with GTK+ on Windows XP sucks. If I see that a feature that needs 0 % CPU in the Windows GUI needs 30 % CPU for the same task in GTK+, I don't need any scientific data to be able to say that the iplemenmtation of this task in GTK+ is inefficient. If I see (and yes, I can see it all the time, on different computers) GTK+ gradually drawing individual widgets in the window, one by one when you switch tabs, I absolutely don't need any scientific data to be able to say that switching tabs in GTK+ is substantially slower than it is elsewhere.

Is it so hard to understand? This is not some anecdotical evidence, some vague nonsense, without saying anything concrete. This is my real observation, and I've been observing this issue *very* carefully (much more carefully than most people here can imagine) and *very* often during the last couple of years. It is real. The fact that I didn't perform any scientific benchmarks is irrelevant. When the user can see that the GUI is slow, it is slow. Period.

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RE[4]: Weird problems
by Mystilleef on Sun 14th Aug 2005 23:48 in reply to "RE[3]: Weird problems"
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How come I'm not seeing this resizing issues on Windows? Do you get my point now? If you see ghosts, and other people don't see them, they begin to start doubting your judgements.

In this case, people will just label you a troll, at least until we can all begin to see what you are seeing? Developers will ignore you until you provide data that is useful to them.

Throwing around inflamatory keywords like "sucks", "inefficient", etc., will only frustrate you further. It won't solve the problem, if indeed there is any.

What is it so hard to understand? What is hard to understand is that you expect developers to miraculously make GTK+ faster, without providing them with useful/concrete facts.

That's like going to the doctor and telling her you are sick but you don't know the symptoms. How is she gonna treat you?

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RE[4]: Weird problems
by ma_d on Mon 15th Aug 2005 01:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Weird problems"
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Everything you stated is scientific data. I think what you don't need is analist data.

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