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Java Monday, Sun did what many pundits, media personalities, developers and IT managers wanted done months ago - it opened up Java so that it could be freely distributed under the General Public License. In this interview with, Laurie Tolson, the vice president of Java developer products and programs, discussed this milestone for Java and what it meant for Sun, developers, IT managers.
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Very impressed.
by sbergman27 on Tue 14th Nov 2006 20:13 UTC
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As someone who, over the years, has been variously a Sun fan and a Sun detractor, I am very happy, today, to eat crow, for some of the negative comments I have made.

(This is also the one time that my trusty old Betty Crocker Cookbook has ever failed me, so I'm just starting with the basic Cornish Game Hen and improvising from there.) ;-)

Sun has come a long way in the last 10 years. I look forward to continued (and consistent) good will between Sun and OSS.

I think that Sun might just have rediscovered their roots... the ones that made them a success in the first place way back in the 80's.

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RE: Very impressed.
by b3timmons on Tue 14th Nov 2006 21:36 in reply to "Very impressed."
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I agree! Having gotten a good flavor of Linux and various Unices over the years, I was always impressed by the influence of Sun in so many technologies. They lost a lot of thunder to FOSS, but you have to admire how they are not afraid to be a leader again, to set an example for others. You don't have to even like Java at all to just appreciate the business import of their move to GPL. It's a relief to not always feel cynical about IT today.

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