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Java Monday, Sun did what many pundits, media personalities, developers and IT managers wanted done months ago - it opened up Java so that it could be freely distributed under the General Public License. In this interview with, Laurie Tolson, the vice president of Java developer products and programs, discussed this milestone for Java and what it meant for Sun, developers, IT managers.
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RE: Java ready for OSS?
by Matt Giacomini on Tue 14th Nov 2006 21:18 UTC in reply to "Java ready for OSS?"
Matt Giacomini
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What does your post have to do with Java becoming open source?

If you are saying that java sucks to much to be useful to the opensource community. Then I will submit (as a Microsoft .NET developer) that mono by comparison to Microsoft implementation of .NET also sucks to much to be useful to the open source community.

Personally I don't feel that way, but I think the parallel argument best expresses the way I disagree with your post.

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RE[2]: Java ready for OSS?
by b3timmons on Tue 14th Nov 2006 21:54 in reply to "RE: Java ready for OSS?"
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There is no question that Mono benefited from energetic, talented developers, but in the light of recent events, there are more viable and productive directions, IMHO. Some developers may work more directly with .NET, others may be inspired by Sun, but considering the business models and track records of the various companies involved in Java and .NET, the business proposition of Mono seemed doomed from the start and now more than ever.

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