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Java Monday, Sun did what many pundits, media personalities, developers and IT managers wanted done months ago - it opened up Java so that it could be freely distributed under the General Public License. In this interview with, Laurie Tolson, the vice president of Java developer products and programs, discussed this milestone for Java and what it meant for Sun, developers, IT managers.
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RE: Java ready for OSS?
by Budd on Tue 14th Nov 2006 23:43 UTC in reply to "Java ready for OSS?"
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Not to be picky,but I have trouble even installing "correctly" Mono on my Slack box. OK,OK I'm just an intermediate user but funny thing is that I just un-archive the binary provided by Sun and I know I have java on my box.
When it comes to applications itself, well you see I have another problem: besides Beagle (which is probably the only thing I'd like to test) I can't find any mono application that can serve me right. I did mentioned that I can't install mono in 2 minutes,right?
I do agree with the fact that Java application suck compared with the mono ones. The last one basically are still delayed.

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