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Oracle and SUN A British executive for Sun said on Friday that the release date for the company's StarOffice 8 suite would now be September 12, almost two months later than originally anticipated. The office productivity software sees wide use in the Linux community, and includes word processing and spreadsheet applications.
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RE[6]: A stretch
by butters on Mon 15th Aug 2005 00:57 UTC
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First of all, the torrent of criticism aimed at the OSNews staff/editors needs to be stopped. These comments are of no use to other OSNews readers, and therefore these discussions should be taken offline. If you have a problem with the way OSNews staff or story submitters conduct themselves, contact them directly instead of posting in the comments section. I'm sure they'll be overjoyed to receive your criticisms by email--I know Eugenia was particularly thrilled with my email about "Get The Facts" ads appearing on OSNews. I apologize for that, by the way...

Second, OSNews staff need to stop feeding these discussions. I think that it is great that you participate in the comments sections and contribute positively to the discussions. However, it's not right to respond to these personal attacks, however reasonable/correct your position might be, using an account that is immune to moderation. Let the OSNews community mod these discussions appropriately and stay out of it so that you can maintain your credibility and reputation.

That said, we all should mod these comments out of whatever threshold we browse at, and we should only respond if we have something positive to contribute.

For example, the suggestion to attribute the headline to the source is a worthwhile idea to discuss. I would also suggest as a related alternative that the main page of the source be linked below the headline. For example:

StarOffice 8 Faces Delays, MS Pressure
From: BetaNews (hyperlinked to
Linked by `whoami` on `date`, submitted by someuser

This should present the headline in a way that clearly attributes it to the source, and provides a standard way of linking to the main page of the source (which should always be done anyway imho).

Perhaps in the future users will be able to blacklist sources if they find them particularly untrustworthy:

From: BetaNews <add source to blacklist>

and then they will never again see articles from that source on the main page when they are logged in (except maybe a notification on the bottom saying some number of articles blacklisted with a link to show them). Just an idea, OSNews v3 is a vast improvement over the previous version already.

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