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Java Monday, Sun did what many pundits, media personalities, developers and IT managers wanted done months ago - it opened up Java so that it could be freely distributed under the General Public License. In this interview with, Laurie Tolson, the vice president of Java developer products and programs, discussed this milestone for Java and what it meant for Sun, developers, IT managers.
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RE: Java ready for OSS?
by Daniel Borgmann on Wed 15th Nov 2006 03:44 UTC in reply to "Java ready for OSS?"
Daniel Borgmann
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butters wrote:
Years of building a development community around Java have resulted in desktop applications with the performance and usability of web applications.

I'll take Python's GTK and Qt bindings over Java's anyday.

Say what you want about Mono, but OSS developers have demonstrated it's usefulness in rapidly developing good applications.

To be fair, most evaluations of Java on the desktop are particularly _not_ based on the Java Gtk bindings (or other native bindings for that matter), which are very new and incomplete (unless you count SWT, which probably should be compared to wxWidgets). So far, using open source Java tools like gcj had the bad taste of a second-best solution. As ironic as it is, Mono felt more like the "real thing", since .NET only exists on Windows. Now that the real Java is open source, it becomes a lot more interesting. We should wait and see how this develops.

I totally agree however that the Python bindings are terrific and it remains to be seen how much value Java can really add to that. The same goes for Mono however. My guess is that we will see Mono and Java bindings mostly used in special situations in the future, with Python becoming the most popular choice for RAD and GUI prototyping, and natively compiled languages (like C++ and Vala) for everything else.

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RE[2]: Java ready for OSS?
by tmack on Wed 15th Nov 2006 04:13 in reply to "RE: Java ready for OSS?"
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GTK bindings for Java are really a nonstarter when you have a windowing toolkit like SWT.

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