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Graphics, User Interfaces Software developer Stardock has unveiled its first-wave Windows Vista plans for its desktop enhancement suite, Object Desktop. Amongst the Vista-specific software it is working on is a Windows Sidebar gadget creation extention for DesktopX (which will support WPF/.NET creations too) and a Windows Vista specific version of WindowBlinds.
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Widgets, Konfab, = desktop accessory
by REM2000 on Wed 15th Nov 2006 08:58 UTC
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Konfab wasn't the first to have the idea of small applications, they were on the mac in the 80's

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That's only partially true. The Desk Accesories on the old Macs served a different purpose than widgets do today: in the old days, they were supposed to give the MacOS the illusion of multitasking-- they were not applications or whatever, they were in fact drivers.

So, the end result may have been the same, but the purpose and method are completely different.

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This discussion is also as old as the 80's. Desk accessories predate the Mac. Anybody who used a System/360 or AS/400 might know the secret key command to bring up a calculator you could move around the screen.

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Not this silly war again? Who did it first? Who cares really? As long as we have something nice to use, I'm happy with it.

Now, lets get back on the show and talk about Object Desktop. I'm happy to see that Vista is good with skinners. Looks even great! ;)

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yeah, really. I dont see why people care so much.

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Ah, those funny fanatics... they turn every day into an comedy show... "but Apple invented penicillin earlyer... around 1645 when they freed the holy land from the unbelievers..."

Now, those modern desklets are simple programs or sometimes skripts running in some sort of desklet server.
The novel thing about them is supposed to be, that they can be easily created even by rather inexperienced programers and that they are usually themed, i.e. not using standard operating system controlls.

"Desk Acessorys" have some different background: the early Mac OS was so much crap that it could not run *two* programms at the same time, as opposed to real operating systems. So for the sake to let at least an calculator run without you haveing to take a break from what you are working on, they invented an dirty hack to stuff some simple apps into their os in the form of drivers (wich is about the *last* way you would want a programm to run... imagine a big red blinking "BAD IDEA" here).

So the genius part of having those things is not that they are small programms. Every OS i ever used had some small programms and it is such an OBVIOUS idea not to make only huge apps that i doubt anyone would dare to demand credit for it.

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"the early Mac OS was so much crap that it could not run *two* programms at the same time, as opposed to real operating systems"

yea... a real OS like DOS, hummmm? from what i recall.... DOS was BRILLIANT at multitasking!

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