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Java There is a new scripting language in development called F3 from Sun, specifically designed for GUI programming. It allows designing Flash-like GUIs with ease and can call Java libraries directly. You can launch demos and get more information from the related blog.
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I like it
by dukeinlondon on Wed 15th Nov 2006 22:58 UTC
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I have always wondered why SUN had so sacrificed the desktop... If there was a market for Flash, there was a market for that with a pro IDE and a free introductory one...

Anyway, the 'too late = failure' adage of the software industry will apply in this case as in many I am afraid.

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RE: I like it
by someone on Thu 16th Nov 2006 07:29 in reply to "I like it"
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While Sun is pitching this as a competitor to Flash, I am not sure if this is really the case. Even with F3, I doubt Java will be more capable than Flash when it comes to animation. Due to the neglect of JMF, it will also be weaker than Flash when it comes to multimedia integration (Fortuantely, Java Sound is still okay).

This being said, Java with F3 could be a legitimate competitor to Flex, which is being pitched by Adobe as an Web Application platform. At least the scripting language is quite simple. However, I'd like to see some kind of visual editor which generates XUL and SMIL for UI and animation.

Finally, it appears F3 have something to do with the elusive MVM as it enables multiple F3 applications to run on the same virtual machine.

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