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Java There is a new scripting language in development called F3 from Sun, specifically designed for GUI programming. It allows designing Flash-like GUIs with ease and can call Java libraries directly. You can launch demos and get more information from the related blog.
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REBOL's VID simplicity finally in JAVA
by -pekr- on Wed 15th Nov 2006 23:12 UTC
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Finally JAVA cloned REBOL View's VID dialect :-) Well, just in principle - something looking easy to use. I think it could become popular ...


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henrikmk Member since:

Finally JAVA cloned REBOL View's VID dialect :-)

Actually they cloned the result of what REBOL can do with the VID dialect, not the dialecting system itself. F3 looks nice on the surface until you find out that it still takes up 20 times as much code and runs a third as fast as a typical VID program. Not very elegant at all. Good try though.

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Good point, rebol is an amazing language and platform that receives far too little attention. I've dabbled with it and was amazed at how easy it is to "get-it-done"

Hopefully, interest will pick-up with the 3.0 release coming soon.

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