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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, is announcing a start of a series of interviews with ReactOS developers. The first published interview features the project coordinator Aleksey Bragin. The ReactOS team plans to publish interviews on a weekly basis.
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RE[2]: I agree ReactOS is cool
by mike_m on Thu 16th Nov 2006 02:08 UTC in reply to "RE: I agree ReactOS is cool"
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> ReactOS works very closely with Wine

This is untrue.

"No ReactOS-derived code will be accepted in Wine at this point." - Alexandre Julliard

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Soulbender Member since:

You do understand that there are other ways to work closely together than accepting eachothers code, right?

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umccullough Member since:

Not to mention - while it might be a one-way deal right now (ReactOS using Wine code) - it was very much a 2-way street until the "audit fiasco" back in 2005...

So for several years before that, Wine actually DID use some of the ReactOS code.

There also is no permanent statement here - only that the current situation with the "validity" of ReactOS code is preventing the Wine folks from accepting anything back for the moment. I suspect if the ReactOS code went through enough scrutiny from non-biased parties - Wine would gladly start accepting it again.

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