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Linux "SpadFS is a new filesystem that I design and develop as my PhD thesis. It is an attempt to bring features of advanced filesystems (crash recovery, fast directories) and good performance without increasing code complexity too much. Uses crash counts instead of journaling (because journaling is too complex and bug-prone) and uses hash instead of btrees for directory organization."
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more details
by bnolsen on Sat 18th Nov 2006 22:50 UTC
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Here's a log of the spadfs thread on the LKML in forum fomat.

On this page is Linus's response.

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RE: more details
by britbrian on Sun 19th Nov 2006 06:45 in reply to "more details"
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I read the whole thread with some interest as I worked in disk drive controller ASIC design team some years back.
Drives have very many auto calibration, detection and numerous smart features to greatly improve the reliability of writing data and trusting that it CAN be read back. When sector reads start to become suspect, the Defect Management System can copy data to reserved sectors and then map out the suspect ones.
I was suprised that most File System developers didn't have exact knowledge of this but were surmising it from limited experience.
I would hope that vendors would be forthcoming with even a cursary explaination if the FS developers asked, though not proprietry details.

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