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Databases "I had a few minutes to burn today, so I did what I'm sure you were doing: I read the Oracle Enterprise Linux Services Agreement. It's funny what you find when you start digging around in the legalese that governs the Big Announcement that Oracle made. It makes 'Unbreakable Linux' look a little flimsy."
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RE: Oracle isn't interested
by manmist on Mon 20th Nov 2006 00:19 UTC in reply to "Oracle isn't interested"
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Oracle wants to destroy RedHats business as a platform for Oracle, not as a platform for other packages. "

... but they claim to be a complete replacement for RHEL and not merely as a Oracle appliance which means that their claim contradictory reality. If Oracle had said that they just want a kernel for their database thats acceptable and realistic. You cant just care for a kernel and then boast to be equivalent of RHEL

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RE[2]: Oracle isn't interested
by bakanekov3 on Mon 20th Nov 2006 01:02 in reply to "RE: Oracle isn't interested"
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It doesn't matter anyway, as usual, the PHBs will be praised for "reducing costs", while all the other IT guys will be reprimanded for "not delivering."

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RE[2]: Oracle isn't interested
by Jody on Mon 20th Nov 2006 03:45 in reply to "RE: Oracle isn't interested"
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It isn't just a replacement for RHEL it /is/ RHEL. So much so that the first version is named "Enterprise Linux 4 update 4" (the same version RHEL is on).

I don't know what there success will be with everything else, but I do think they will succeed at least as being an Oracle appliance.

When stuff breaks in a multi-vendor environment they tend to fingerpoint at each other and companies like having one number to call.

Since OEL is mostly repackages Linux this alone will probably be enough to sustain it, and although it won't be a large customer base it will be enough to impact RH's bottom line.

I will say that the FOSS community really gains nothing from Oracle's entry, not that Oracle would care.

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