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.NET (dotGNU too) "Microsoft is pushing Visual Basic 2005 Express as the best language for hobbyists and novices, and are offering it free of charge from the Microsoft Visual Basic Express website. Since the price is right, and I fall into the hobbyist category, I decided to give it a try. This review is intended for amateur programmers, students and hobbyists who are interested in programming their computers."
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RE[4]: .NET?
by phoenix on Tue 21st Nov 2006 02:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: .NET?"
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Man, the day college becomes something more than a false symbol of a person's credibility and value and actually makes you a better candidate for employment will be one special day my friend.

No! This is exactly what is wrong with the public school system today. Everything is about "preparing the student for the workforce" now, when it should be about "teaching a student how to think, how to trouble-shoot/problem solve, how to be creative" and so on.

The problem with school is that there is too much emphasis on "marketability" and "employability".

If you want to "learn" to be a workplace drone, then go to a tech institute or trade school. Let's keep education and learning in the public schools and universities.

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RE[5]: .NET?
by TheMonoTone on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 04:42 in reply to "RE[4]: .NET?"
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I'll add to this and say that part of the problem is this huge "rush rush rush" mentality. People seem to just rush through school without bothering to understand the material, so of course it ends up beign useless. Especially for the mindless drone workers. Now on the other hand if you look at the people that have been successful in the sciences, often they are extremely interested in the field that they are working on. They don't simply memorize the material, they understand it, and understand it well. Likely if you feel a university level education is worthless your trying to be the drone worker, not really bothering to understand but mearly to memorize, possibly "cheating" your way through life that way.

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