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Windows Russian web site Mobile-Review features today a thorough review of the upcoming version of Pocket PC: 6.0 aka Crossbow. The addition of VoIP SIP functionality by default is a welcome one.
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by jrronimo on Tue 21st Nov 2006 21:34 UTC in reply to "soo..."
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Well, there was a huge fuss a few years ago when ATi released their Imageon mobile processors for phones/PDAs... so the hardware's there.

...but no-one seems to a) stick it in a device b) program for it. With the PDA market shrinking at the rate it seems to be, I wouldn't hold your breath.

It's a shame, too... I loved the PPC2002 PDA I used to have and I really see where the platform /could/ go if only the resources were thrown into it.

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