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ReactOS ReactOS, the open source implementation of a Windows XP/2003 compatible operating system, just published a new interview in their series of interviews with ReactOS developers. Today's interview features the most active kernel developer Alex Ionescu.
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RE: Dear Alex
by gedmurphy on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 08:11 UTC
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It's very sad but at the same time quite amusing that Mike McCormack feels the needs to ridicule any new mention of ReactOS on the internet.

He is the ultimate troll, a blueprint for new trolls to come.

Back to the topic in hand. Alex is a great programmer, with a rare skill. It's worth keeping an eye on his blog.

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RE[2]: Dear Alex
by GvG_ on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 10:58 in reply to "RE: Dear Alex"
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There's no doubt Alex is great with a disassembler. The problem is ofcourse that he uses that skill to translate disassembled Microsoft code to C and then commits that to ReactOS, thereby violating Microsofts copyrights. An example of that is the fastcall entry code (referenced by mike_m above).

A quote from the TinyKrnl (one of his projects) FAQ at

TinyKRNL is a research project as well as contains possibly Microsoft copyrighted or patented technologies or code

Another quote, from the interview:

Itís expected that it [TinyKRNL] will share a lot of its kernel and HAL code with ReactOS

Now, put one and one together and tell me if you still think Alex is the best thing that happened to the ReactOS project.

Alex seems to be very confused about copyright and licenses. The TinyKRNL about page says TinyKRNL will be released under the BSD license but then goes on to state that commercial use is not allowed. The BSD license allows unlimited commercial use. Besides, how you can release code copyrighted by Microsoft under the BSD is beyond me.

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RE[3]: Dear Alex
by ionescu007 on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 16:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Dear Alex"
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There is no doubt that GvG has a lot of trouble reading English, so perhaps someone should clarify things for him.

Merging HAL and Kernel code from ReactOS to TinyKRNL is appropriate use of the GPL, because that code will remain GPL licensed.

Secondly, the fast entry call is already written in assembly. Any competent OS developer should know that such low level code cannot be written in C, because registers mush be manually manipulated and precise trap frames created. It would be a pointless excercise to convert assembly to C when this C code is unusable. Since ReactOS does indeed boot, then I guess it's not using any magic C code.

Finally, TinyKRNL does not use the BSD license, as the FAQ page clearly states. It uses its own license which is obtainable from the SVN server in the root folder, and all code specifies this. If GvG had actually done research (instead of another envious attempt at discreditting a developer), he would've seen this file. But perhaps he has and it's not matching with his theories.

If there is a mention of the BSD license on the about page, it is a mistake and probably has already been fixed. As the frontpage mentions (perhaps GvG has not read that either), the webpages are still under construction, and our webmaster has been hospitalized for over a month now. Making sure he recovers from his injuries is more important to me then nagging him about a mistake on the about page, which is meaningless since the important place -- the code -- has the right license.

Once you get popular enough in life, it's normal for you to start having envious people who try to discredit you. Mike_m and GvG are prime examples of this, as their comment history shows. It's unfortunate that their inability to make a name of themselves must result in their attempts to destroy another's name.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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