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Mac OS X The 'Month of Kernel Bugs' project has found two unpatched security vulnerabilities in the way Mac OS X handles .dmg files. The first vulnerability, rated 'highly critical' by security-firm Secunia, can lead to privilege escalation, denial of service, and system access by a remote user (if Safari's open 'safe' files option is checked). The second issue is similar in nature, in that a corrupted UDTO HFS+ .dmg can lead to a denial of service condition. A workaround for both issues is to disable Safari's option to open 'safe' files after downloading, and to not open any .dmg file from a source you do not trust.
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RE: No reason for panic
by shiny on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 10:46 UTC in reply to "No reason for panic"
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This can be annoying but does NOT constitute a security problem since you cannot crash the kernel in such a way that you can actually make it execute your own code.

Why couldn't you? I thought that is exactly the way to exploit the software. Make it crash and execute your code. You mean that system becomes inoperable after kernel crash? Who guarantees you that?

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RE[2]: No reason for panic
by remiss on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 10:53 in reply to "RE: No reason for panic"
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If the kernel crashes it get's a kernel panic -- e.g. nothing more happens.. Who would control things if the kernel craashed?

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