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Windows Russian web site Mobile-Review features today a thorough review of the upcoming version of Pocket PC: 6.0 aka Crossbow. The addition of VoIP SIP functionality by default is a welcome one.
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Love / Hate
by REM2000 on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 16:25 UTC
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Ive always had a love hate relationship with WM/CE.

Ive been using it for a while and there are some problems with it. Sometimes it just seems to run like crap. I use a Dell X51v WM5 with the processor on max 612MHZ, and sometimes it runs really bad under lite load (word, outlook and contacts), no massive documents or anything.

Other times it runs really well and doesn't require a restart or anything. Media playing on the WM5 is the best on any platform, i can play nearly any media format without skipping, DivX etc..

The one thing that this update bring, which is about time is the ability to run a higher number of processes.

However i would like to seem some more speed improvements, i get the feeling that some new features and code are just being added at the expense of processor speed. WM2003 ran a lot faster, but on my previous computer IPAQ rx3715 it would constantly run out of RAM.

I didn't get on well with any Windows Smartphone, everyone i have tried crashed when making/recieving calls, text messages and Pictures messages so it would take a really good STABLE device to bring me back. Currently i use a P910i and it's as solid as a rock, however using a nokia E61 has also proved very impressive.

The one thing i would like this platform to get is some kind of integrated version of Access (pocket access) yes there is thirdy party stuff, but i want a microsoft product which truly integerates with MS Access, and allows me to carry useful data around on the device. With the advent of faster processors, More and more memory via internal and external (SD, CF) it makes sense to bring some fluid data management onto the device. I have tried some third party stuff but the sync system usually only works 80% of the time and usually not very well when it does work.

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RE: Love / Hate
by suryad on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 19:19 in reply to "Love / Hate"
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I have a P990i and I love it. There are some things that can be made better, especially the software because it seems as if Sony Ericsson didnt do too much testing on their firmware when they released it. Without and update, I would say that the phone is unusable because of the frequent crashes. After the update however the phone is a LOT better. There are still some bugs in there but I think most are memory related. I wonder why sony didnt just up the amount of internal memory for the os!

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