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Games Ars reviews the PlayStation 3 personal computer game console, and they say: "The PS3 doesn't have any grand ideas; Sony wanted something high-tech, so they started from scratch with the processor and GPU, but what does it get them? Very little so far. The controller is a mash-up of ideas from their old systems, the 360's triggers, and the Wii's motion-sensing capabilities, but once it has that tech it doesn't really know what to do with it. The Blu-ray adds cost, but adds very little to the gaming experience for the user. It's great as a media player, but for those of us who love games first and foremost, we have to look at it skeptically. The PS3 is a system with no core message, and that is what keeps it from being elegant. Will it do great things in the future? I hope so, the possibility and potential are certainly there. For now, it's power looking for a mission statement."
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RE: Some home truths -
by santana on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 23:25 UTC in reply to "Some home truths -"
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Well, some of those are firmware glitches, that will probably be reworked with new revisions (no background downloading, pausing downloads)

Not sure what you mean by complicated setup, probably that report that says you have to plug wireless controller ONCE before it is ready to use.

Lack of HiDef cables are a small pain in the a**, but for me bigger pain is that I lack HD TV ;)

Sony doesn't have to be perfect on a launch day, they will sell every single one even if they've

a) made ten times more that estimated 400k
b) made some REALLY big mistakes with PS3 (instead of this few minor, firmware update fixable ones)

Look at the big picture; the next gen war just started, it will be fought for next 4-5 or even more years. Dreamcast had one year headstart, and 10 mil consoles sold, look at them now ;)

MS shipped estimated 7 mil consoles, and they've sold 2.5 mil of them in first 10 months (MS says number is a bit higher, 3.3 million). Not too much of a headstart, really (considering that numbers for Sony consoles tend to be 100+ mil during 5-6 years lifecycle).

Anyway, this next gen war will be interesting, competition is good ;) Both MS and Sony have insanely powerful machines, and Wii is bringing some neat innovation at a cheaper price.

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RE[2]: Some home truths -
by Kroc on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 23:39 in reply to "RE: Some home truths -"
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I'm not doubting that the PS3 will be a success, it will. I'm basing opinion on the right now - and not the 'possible' future. Sony is doing a 'PC' on us, pushing out a half finished product and patching it later. 10 years ago, no console would launch in an flakey state, period. The truth of the matter, is that right here and right now the PS3 has a sub-optimal experience compared to the highly honed XBox360.

Are we so brain washed by marketing and hype that we spend $600-$10'000 on a console, and accept that the firmware is only '1.0'? 1.0 should mean final, done, feature complete. Is this the console equivilent of web2.0's 'Beta' or what?

Sony are right, the PS3 is a PC alright, the users will accept just about any bullcrap shoved their way.

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RE[3]: Some home truths -
by santana on Wed 22nd Nov 2006 23:59 in reply to "RE[2]: Some home truths -"
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Well, 10 years ago you didn't have internet download or a complicated setup, because consoles were not doing too much, you would just put cartridge or CD in it and play a game ;)

Today consoles are trying o became the center of home entertainment, and firmware (or console OSes) are starting to get much more complicated. And with a chance to easily get firmware patches, I really don't find it that bad. Sony (or MS) can adopt firmware to what people actually want.

I wouldn't go that far to say that PS3 has sub-optimal experience to XBox 360. It is probably weaker in some areas (downloading stuff) and better in some other areas (uhm, I don't know, built in web browser? 20GB disc by default, 60Gb in high end model, support for guest OSes, support for HD movies, built in power supply....). Btw, MS actually didn't get it right either, their first consoles actually also didn't have background downloading. Which was fixed via firmware patch ;)

Relax, you probably didn't have a chance to buy PS3 yet, by the time you will, the price should drop, and minor annoyances will be gone and forgotten. And if you were lucky enough to get one on launch day, enjoy, it is a really nice piece of hardware and you are in the 0,005 % of world populace that has a privilege of owning it.

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RE[2]: Some home truths -
by aliquis on Sat 25th Nov 2006 15:58 in reply to "RE: Some home truths -"
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Also of course the xbox360 doesn't even come with a hdmi output... Even more it doesn't support 1080p.

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RE[3]: Some home truths -
by stabilep on Sun 26th Nov 2006 18:18 in reply to "RE[2]: Some home truths -"
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I think what people are forgetting is that Sony really never had a serious compeitor to the market. When the PS2 came out it came out earlier then the Xbox. I guess you could say the Dreamcast but there was so many issues with that at the time that it never had a chance to become a viable competitor to the Sony PS2. Also when the Xbox came out Sony has made a huge success with the PS1 and having the PS2 borrow heavily from the PS1 success only helped. MS only purpose with the Xbox was simply to penetrate the market and show that they can make a better console then Sony which they succeeded in.

The 360 has a good chance at overcoming gthe PS3 though. If anything its cheaper and does graphics just as well as the PS3. This is something Sony has not had to face yet really. The PS2 was not threatened by the Xbox at all it had already secured the market by the time the Xbox and GC came out. And the original PS1 succeeded against the Saturn which was an admitted failure by even Sega and the N64 which was a great system that got hobbled with a cartridge which proved to be a great bottleneck.

Now its a whole new ball game. What used to matter really doesn't anymore. Nintendo with its Wii pretty much threw out all preconceived notions of how to make a next gen console and is currently enjoying a huge launch success and media parade. The 360 has been out for a year and is steadily growing. It has graphics that seem to match the PS3 and a library of games that are slowly getting better.

So what does the PS3 bring to the table that people want? I guess you can say a BluRay player but with the market uncertain on who will win that format war I doubt it. U|3ber technology? The only people who care are the people who argue about it on forums. Linux? thats like what? 0.5% maybe less of people who care if their video game system can install linux. 1080p? Again how many people have a TV that can do that? In fact its actually bad considering if your TV cannot do that or 720p you may get screwed and stuck with 480p resolution despite if your TV can support 1080i apparently 1080i < 720p/480p

The only thing it has going for it right now is FF/MGS/Backwards Compatiability (Maybe? how many people do not own a PS2 but own a PS3?)

it will be an interesting year to say the least.

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RE[2]: Some home truths -
by aliquis on Sat 25th Nov 2006 16:01 in reply to "RE: Some home truths -"
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Yeah, the xbox360 is/was said to have had a worse launch with less units sold than the original xbox, and the original xbox got no brand reckognition and wasn't the first one which came out. Go figure. Also the original one have only sold around 25 million units or so.

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