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Oracle and SUN On the day after Thanksgiving, Xandros will be giving business Linux users an early holiday present: Xandros Desktop Professional version 4.0. This new version of this well-regarded Debian-based desktop is designed to work in both Linux- and Windows-based office networks. It comes ready for use on NT domain, Active Directory, and Linux/Unix NIS-based LANs. This new version also comes with a fancy 3D effect desktop. Expect a review here on OSNews soon.
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Slightly off topic then, but why would you buy a distro like Xandros when Ubuntu is around for free... I've tried Ubuntu and it does seem very intuitive, polished and working well.


Just thinking the same as the other reader - what does Xandros live off?


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It's been my experience that Xandros is an excellent distribution for users that are switching from Windows, which is their main target.

The problem is, much like Windows, when you start to add software that is outside of their quite limited repositories, it tends to break things.

I would like them a lot more if they supported a Gnome install as well as KDE, they were more compatible with Debian main, and it didn't cost so much ;)

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