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PC-BSD This is the 4th installment of a series of guides to configuring and installing PC-BSD. The past 3 parts can be found here. In this part of the guide they cover installing Amarok, Limewire, Azureus and Streamtuner.
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RE[2]: Re: Too much hassle (troll)
by on Tue 16th Aug 2005 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Re: Too much hassle (troll)"

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I am trolling? When I need to change my default gateway, I would go and read the networks section in manual ( and NOT the installation as you linked to.

Funny, if you had actually gone to that link and clicked on, oh I dunno, the section titled "Gateways and Routes", you would've found the following:

"You can easily define the default route via the /etc/rc.conf file. In our example, on the Local2 machine, we added the following line in /etc/rc.conf:


It is also possible to do it directly from the command line with the route(8) command:

# route add default

For more information on manual manipulation of network routing tables, consult route(8) manual page."

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