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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth is trying to entice OpenSUSE developers to join Ubuntu. "Novell's decision to go to great lengths to circumvent the patent framework clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the community. If you are an OpenSUSE developer who is concerned about the long term consequences of this pact, you may be interested in some of the events happening next week as part of the Ubuntu Open Week."
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RE[4]: GPL software users
by david g on Sat 25th Nov 2006 21:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GPL software users"
david g
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Thank you for the link. However, the discussion seems to center around the fact that the GPL software and the CDDL build system where distributed together (i.e., more than "mere aggregation"). It was not an argument about linking GPL software to non-GPL software or GPL software with non-GPL dependecies. For more information, see the Java Trap link posted by progster and the following items from the GPL FAQ:

By my understanding, copyright holders can license their source under any license they see fit. Whether that work is valuable or reasonably redistributable by a third party is a different matter. In fact, it may be strictly undistributable in binary form (putting it off-limits to a distro like Debian). But since the source is GPL, a third party can take the valuable parts and toss the rest, which seems to be exactly the outcome of the cdrtools/cdrkit case.

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