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Linux French députés' offices will be equipped with a Linux operating system and open source productivity software. There will be 1154 French parliamentary workstations running on an open source OS, with, Firefox and an open source email client.
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RE[5]: WOW!
by prince_seth on Mon 27th Nov 2006 20:37 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: WOW!"
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Rubbish, most people do not even know what Windows is or any other operating system for that matter. They assume it is part of or is the computer. That is all they know.
It's what everyone else is using and it's what comes with the computer. The are not aware of the economics involved. To them it is like the control panel on their DVD player. And trust me, even though dealing with end users is not my job but as an IT professional I am the de facto tech support for friends and family. So trust me they don't even know what it is let alone want it.

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RE[6]: WOW!
by NotParker on Mon 27th Nov 2006 20:42 in reply to "RE[5]: WOW!"
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Rubbish, most people do not even know what Windows is or any other operating system for that matter.

Thats your opinion.

But when they try to install their games or Office or tens of thousands of other software titles, they'll find out.

And Dell would be toast.

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RE[7]: WOW!
by Xaero_Vincent on Mon 27th Nov 2006 21:14 in reply to "RE[6]: WOW!"
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They would learn about Wine, CrossOver Office, and Cedega and how they allow you to run thousands of Windows applications and games. For those who dont like paying, the last two could possibly be found illegally with some googling.

They would also learn about the open-source and even commercial alternatives that replace their Windows counterparts.


Gimp (FOSS), Pixel (Commercial), Photoshop (Windows)

All three will run on Linux. But Pixel could easily replace Gimp and/or Photoshop as a low-cost Photoshop clone that runs natively on Linux.

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