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Windows O'Reilly's DevCenter is featuring an in-depth look at Windows Vista Beta 1. Their conclusion? "Surprisingly, this build of Windows Vista is pretty stable, and the performance is quite good."
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RE: A New Desktop, That's All
by on Tue 16th Aug 2005 16:56 UTC in reply to "A New Desktop, That's All"

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To Mr Anonymous (IP: 64.81.86.---) Troll.

Why don't you go read about these things that you are so interested in knowing about, instead of showing your ignorance here on OSNews?

There is enough published by Microsoft on their website to tell you about what is new for Vista besides the eyecandy that you seem to like so much.

Complain all you want, but please do so after you have looked up the facts rather than taking things from under your bridge.

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To Mr. Anonymous2 (IP: 213.100.39.---)

While I may not concur with the original poster, I have to say that according to this (and several other) article, one could well reach that conclusion.

As many of the expected features get "postponed", In depth seems to start losing its meaning. Many of these reviews seem to focus exactly on:
a. Changes to the desktop
b. Virtual Folders
c. The absence of Aero / Looking for Eye-candy
d. Nothing more.

Sure, it doesn't mean Vista won't have some nice features under the hood... but, sorry, the reviews don't speak about that stuff at all.

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RE[3]: A New Desktop, That's All
by on Tue 16th Aug 2005 17:47 in reply to "RE[2]: A New Desktop, That's All"
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Personally I don't understand why all these sites decide to review this beta. It's not an end user beta; it's a developer beta. And I have yet to see a developer centric review of it.

You would think that a "DevCenter" would have a developer centric review, but I don't see any of that in it. Maybe I'm just blind.
Of course, the situation doesn't get better when these sites neglect to tell the people visiting that it's intended for developers.

And it certainly doesn't get better with certain people pretending to care about what is really new under the hood, yet clearly shows that they only want a reason to troll.

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