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Windows "eWEEK Labs has been testing Microsoft Windows Vista builds for more than three years, and our evaluation of the final code shows that the new operating system is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Windows XP. What's more, with a raft of subsystem and driver model improvements, Microsoft has laid out in Vista a solid foundation for stability and usability gains in future Windows versions. For enterprises running XP on their desktops and notebooks, however, a Vista upgrade is no slam-dunk. While Vista's new UAC facilities can make it easier for companies to appropriately lock down their desktops, for instance, it's quite possible to run a well-managed shop of XP machines, either out of the box or with the aid of lockdown tools."
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by Soulbender on Tue 28th Nov 2006 02:55 UTC in reply to "RE: LINUX GUYS NEED TO STFU"
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"It would be nice to actually hear from people that are actually using the OS rather than Linux and OS X users who are never going to upgrade,"

Yes, it's about as dreadfully uninteresting is the trolling from the MS shills on any Linux and OS X news item.

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dylansmrjones Member since:

NotParker, eh? ;)

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by cyclops on Tue 28th Nov 2006 03:37 in reply to "RE[2]: LINUX GUYS NEED TO STFU"
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Thats just a poor response to that

"It would be nice to actually hear from people that are actually using the OS rather than Linux and OS X users who are never going to upgrade,"

Namecalling is just silly

How about...OS X users update every year, Linux 4 times a year and XP users every 6 years.

How about...I will to xorg 7.2 and linux 2.6.19 both out before the Last day of January 2007

How about...Not to Vista I already run a secure OS, only one with a good security record.

How about...Vista effects everyone it would be naive to say that most OS X users and Linux users will not be affected directly with having to use it; support it. Or indirectly through its new DRM; propriary API; Application support.

How about...There are no users only unpaid bugfinders.

How about...we here from the same people who think Visa Hardware is cheap...or even available, or having volume settings in different application is a good idea, who can assess Vista security, who think 9 year old games will all work on it. Or post that damn WIKI entry that says nothing exciting. etc etc

How about...people should perhaps compare an OS to more than just its predecessor but the alternatives, and there view is valid *if* someone wanted to upgrade to an *alternative*

How about...Vista is going to launched quite soon and everyone will be sick of it by then.

How about...Microsoft produce an OS that can lord it over other operating sytems, to justify its seriously expensive price tag.

How about...people stop using things insults like zealot; shtill; fanboy and STFU.

Sorry its late.

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