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Windows O'Reilly's DevCenter is featuring an in-depth look at Windows Vista Beta 1. Their conclusion? "Surprisingly, this build of Windows Vista is pretty stable, and the performance is quite good."
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tired already
by on Tue 16th Aug 2005 17:12 UTC

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I'm so tired of seeing Vista articles already. This is what makes Windows so big---the hype. It's not innovation or quality, just hype. They talk about stuff with codenames (Chicago, Longhorn, etc.) to get rumors about it started. Then, they announce a far-away release date, and we just sit around and read articles for a year or more until it's actually released. By the way, most of these articles usually say the same things over and over again (do the words "In Depth Look" ring a bell anyone?). We also get the privilege of looking at the same screenshots over and over again (look here it is in widescreen... ooo!ahh!). Pure hype and I'm getting tired of it.

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