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Linux Six months of design, engineering, integration, and testing has culminated in the finest release from Terra Soft to date. Designed, not just assembled, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 featuring E17 is immediately available for your Sony PlayStation 3.
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No nvidia X driver... wha???
by danboid on Tue 28th Nov 2006 07:32 UTC
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Oh dear oh dear!

After all the hype about YDL 5 being the first custom PS3 distro, it cant even play back a video file smoothly! I'm certainly disappointed. The least Sony and Nvidia could do is help xorg add 2D acceleration to their nvidia driver so at least it would be useable as a media centre.

True, nvidia have entirely neglected PPC Linux up until now but now, for the first time ever, PPC Linux has become a mass market computing platform available in the high street as compared to its previous status of being a niche OS on niche hardware. Pretty soon there should be ample demand to convince them PPC is worth supporting- they already release drivers for Solaris and FreeBSD.

Surely Sonys Hypervisor will allow for 2D acceleration?

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RE: No nvidia X driver... wha???
by Kantian on Tue 28th Nov 2006 08:00 in reply to "No nvidia X driver... wha???"
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but why?
the PS3 OS already can play movies and such??

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Because you have to keep booting from PS3OS to Linux for everything... that sucks bad and booting Linux on PS3 isn't the fastest thing to do either.

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