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Graphics, User Interfaces The OLPC's interface is simply way too complicated. I just read through the human interface guidelines for the project; and by god, I got lost after only a few paragraphs. How are kids supposed to learn all this? Read on for my thoughts.
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What the heck? Did I read correctly
by pfortuny on Tue 28th Nov 2006 18:07 UTC
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From the first paragraphs:

it represents an intrinsic quality of the learning experience we hope the children will have when using the laptop

This is what happens when you pretend to be giving "the answer" to the world's problems (and being smart enough to get some governments believe it) instead of doing real business.

I am one of those who think this project ought not to succeed for being **utterly** patronizing (and --in my belief-- utterly useless: the children need water + soap + true education (reading-writing) + PLOUGHS )

However, let the people decide.

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Thank god it's not you who gets to decide!

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Seems like you live in a dichotomy world. Where a country, city or school is either reasonably affluent, or cannot afford "soap and water".

There are less affluent countries that have cities. And schools. They have food and water, and even soap!

For these places, a tool like this may be useful. This OLPC project is targeting a specific narrow range of users. People in countries that aren't absolutely starving to death. These units aren't replacing any other sort of foreign aid. There is no condition to stop grain or medical shipments to countries where OLPC is going.

Please think of the world as a spectrum encompassing varying needs. This is a tool that will meet some of those needs.

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"the children need water + soap + true education (reading-writing) + PLOUGHS"

You mean, just enough that Spain (and the rest of Europe, America etc) will be relieved of the tiresome burden of handing out food, but not enough to actually threaten our economic domination?

Nice self-preservation thinking, there.

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You, like many others, miss the point of the OLPC. The OLPC is not going to people in Rawanda(?) instead of food and sanitation aid. This is going to people that already have a schooling system, not to mention sanitation and housing.

Don't be so niave as to think that the OLPC is a replacement for 3rd world aid and support for poverty-stricken nations. The OLPC serves a completely different purpose for a completely different mass of people. If you don't realise that, then perhaps you need a teaching-aid.

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