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Linux Linux Tech Daily reviews Arch64 and finds it to be a solid and fast system. Arch64 is committed to staying truly 64bit.
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Pure 64 makes sense
by woogs on Thu 30th Nov 2006 00:25 UTC
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I've been using Arch64 for a few months now (since I got my X2), and I have to say that the "64 or nothing" philosophy seems the most sensible philosophy out there at the moment. 32 bit systems are slowly but surely dying, so postponing the shift from 32bit to 64bit systems is just delaying the inevitable. It's best to invest effort into fixing and working with 64bit software now, rather than later.

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RE: Pure 64 makes sense
by renox on Thu 30th Nov 2006 10:00 in reply to "Pure 64 makes sense"
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Sorry but that's bull.
32bit only system are becoming more rare, that's true but those x86-64 computers will keep their 32-bit mode for a *very long* time.
So there is absolutely no reason to hurry the 32-->64bit transition, sure there is usually a performance increase in 64bit mode due to the increased number of register in x86-64, but it's small and there can even be a performance decrease due to the increase size of pointers, added padding, etc.

What is sensible is for software producers to make 64bit compatible software now so that they let their user chose which is best, and for the user to stay in 32bit mode until all their software are compatible.

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