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Novell and Ximian In a posting to the Hula mailing list, Novell has stated that it is no longer providing full-time developers to work on Hula. Hula was unleashed in February 2005 to much fanfare. Things seem to have been quite recently, despite the news that iFolder and Hula would be combined into something called Maui.
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RE: What options are there now?
by kejar31 on Thu 30th Nov 2006 16:07 UTC in reply to "What options are there now?"
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1. Open-Xchange

Strengths Strong webclient, many many features, vender support is available.

Weaknesses - Very difficult to install (the free version), bad support, weak client compatibility for calendar sharing, Expensive, Ugly

Suggestion I would not install or use this solution in my business.

I have installed OX and even created an open-source project based on the work (AVA-SBS). OX implementation was just simply unreliable and the Outlook client sucks. The customer was ok with the end result but it was very painful.
Although in the end. I did get a Linux based Server with a single sing on solution, for both Linux and windows clients.

2. Scalix

Strengths Easy to setup and install, Ajax web client (very very nice), Strong client support for both Outlook (the best Outlook compatible solution available other then exchange itself) and Evolution, Free client compatibility support for the fist 25 users, strong community support, vender support is available

Weaknesses Expensive (after the first 25 users), non open source,

Suggestion I would install this in my business if that business had less then 25 users

I have installed Scalix for a client with less then 25 users. That client is also using Outlook to for its workstation client. The customer is very happy with the solution.

3. Zimbra

Strengths Very very nice Ajax based web client, a free version is available with unlimited users for the web client, strong community support with forums to help you get it up and running the way you need, vender support is available

Weaknesses weak client support

Suggestion I would install Zimbra in my business if all we needed was the web client.

I have not installed Zimbra and am only making this sudgestion based on what I have read.

4. Kolab

Strengths Very strong support for Kontact (the KDE PIM), easy to install, easy administration, ldap backend.

Weaknesses only so so support for other clients, webclient support unavailable or difficult to set up

Kolab is coming along but not yet ready in my opinion. It needs its own webclient (I hate Hord). Although with the release of KDE 4 I believe the KDE apps will become available for Windows. If that is so Kontact will work as well, giving Kolab a leg up from the others. With a very strong workstation client available that works seamlessly in both Windows and Linux we might have a winner, so keep you eye on this project. Man I just with they had an official webclient.

Now that that is said Hula is not dead. In fact, I believe that it will be better off not having the backstabbing corporation called Novel developing it. Hula is a very nice project with the possibility of offering what I consider to be the best looking webclients available.

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