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Linux After 2 months, 2.6.19 has been released. This release includes the clustering GFS2 filesystem, Ecryptfs , the first experimental version of EXT4 (aimed at developers), support for the Atmel AVR32 architecture, sleepable RCU, improvements for NUMA-based systems, and much more.
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File System Double Standards?
by charlieg on Thu 30th Nov 2006 16:16 UTC
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So Reiser4 does not make it in because it still needs further development... but Ext4 does because, they say, it is, "for developers"?

Smacks like a case of NIH syndrome to me. All these objections to the inclusion of Reiser4, yet when they create their own it goes straight in even though it is not yet stable.

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RE: File System Double Standards?
by Rahul on Thu 30th Nov 2006 16:56 in reply to "File System Double Standards?"
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You should have read the article instead.

"Like OCFS2 and like any other filesystem that wants to be merged in the linux kernel, GFS2 developers asked for submission long time ago. They were asked to fix things (even considering that GFS2 had already been developed at Sistina and it was already a stable final product), they submitted it again, they were asked to fix more things, and so on, for a long period of time. Their developers have fixed every thing they were asked to fix. Because of their hard work, GFS2 is now ready to be merged, nobody opposes to it, and everyone is happy. (Amazing, isn't it? In fact, 3 new filesystems are being merged in 2.6.19 and nobody is flaming nobody, quite the contrary)"

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I don't think it is NIH syndrome. I believe that there were technical reasons, that required some give on what "became" a two sided issue.

I'm sure Reisers persuasive abilities let him down, simply because he had to ask people to compromise. Now thats a little tricky anyway, but you can't bully people into maintaining your code.

What I am surprised by, it that since Reiser is erm...occupied. That nobody from is company has stepped up to push the Filesystem for kernel inclusion for there own reasons.

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