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Novell and Ximian Novell on Nov. 30 announced its latest NetWare upgrade operating system, the Linux-powered Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. OES, which will be based on Novell's SLES 10, is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Novell NetWare servers, and a direct competitor to Microsoft's Server 2003.
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Asking for clarification
by porcel on Fri 1st Dec 2006 01:54 UTC
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What's the difference between Suse Enterprise Server and Open Enterprise Server? I thought that you could also use the Suse Enterprise Server as a Netware server through EDS, am I wrong?

Novell could do wonders by simply making it easier to understand their product offerings. Its product pages are often full of marketing speak and are not as clear as they could be.

Show me a pyramid of enterprise services, storage, identity, email messaging, etc and tell me what your recommended product is for each of these categories.

Just my two cents...

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RE: Asking for clarification
by Windows Sucks on Fri 1st Dec 2006 02:57 in reply to "Asking for clarification"
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Suse Enterprise Server is all Linux like Red Hat Enterprise server. You can add netware services on top of it (On almost any version of Linux for that matter)

Open Enterprise Server is Linux with all the Novell Netware software on top out the box, like edirectory, novell identity server etc. And to a Netware network it look like just another Netware server.

I think the name is stupid myself. But the concept is cool.

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