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Humor In Virginia, patrons waiting in line to buy county school surplus iBooks for $50 started a riot when the doors opened, with an old man getting trampled, people crushing a baby stroller, and someone trying to run people down with his car. One iBook hopeful admitted that he used his folding chair as a weapon to fight off people who were trying to cut in line. Take a lesson from Steve Jobs, Henrico County: make them a little more expensive, and prevent the bloodshed. (Editor's note for the humor-impaired: no, I don't really think Macs are too expensive. I'm making fun of people who do)
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Get a sense of humor, people!
by David on Tue 16th Aug 2005 19:31 UTC
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I'm making fun of the popular conception that Macs are too expensive, using an outlandish true story as the vehicle. If you don't get that, you need to go in and have your emotion chip adjusted, Commander Data.

By the way, whenever you see the pupkin "humor" icon, it means humor/irony.

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Don't blame the public for the lame joke ! If anything, your story sounds like Macs are so overpriced that people would lose their cool to get one for less....

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"I'm making fun of the popular conception that Macs"

I think you mean misconception

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