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Novell and Ximian Novell on Nov. 30 announced its latest NetWare upgrade operating system, the Linux-powered Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. OES, which will be based on Novell's SLES 10, is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Novell NetWare servers, and a direct competitor to Microsoft's Server 2003.
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RE[6]: There's that linux hater!
by IanSVT on Sat 2nd Dec 2006 18:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: There's that linux hater!"
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As you didn't try to argue the point(s), I'll assume that you either agree with the above, or has no solid argument to counter my claims - either of which makes your post nothing more then an inflammatory off topic comment designed to divert the discussion into a RH vs. Novel flame war. In short, Troll.

What the hell are you going on about? You made a comment to support some arguement that was something you couldn't quantify by any stretch. My point was you don't seem to know half of what Novell does open source or not. That's it. It's a nitpick at worse, but a troll it is not. And it's not a dig at RedHat. I don't honestly know all of what RedHat has it's hands in. I don't hate RedHat. I don't care.

The only trolling in this thread is from the open source/closed source/novell sucks comments. This thread was about OES2, not the MS/Novell deal. I'm one of the only people in here who stuck to the topic! Give me a break.

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