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Novell and Ximian Novell on Nov. 30 announced its latest NetWare upgrade operating system, the Linux-powered Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. OES, which will be based on Novell's SLES 10, is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Novell NetWare servers, and a direct competitor to Microsoft's Server 2003.
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RE[3]: OES: Where Do I Start?
by IanSVT on Sat 2nd Dec 2006 18:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: OES: Where Do I Start?"
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They're OK, but they're not great. The problem I have with Novell's tools is they have a tendency to change them every five minutes. It seems now that they're on an all-new quest to create some new, unified, uber management platform on Mono or .Net - which won't provide anything better than the Java or other tools are doing.

I talked to a Novell engineer a month ago or so, and I heard there is a project in the works to unify their tool set. It's going to be a two pronged solution. First, it's a new tool and Novell will actually force the other divisions to use it for new products. Second, it's apparently going to be able to translate existing snap-ins/plug-ins from C1/iManager/NWAdmin. But, it's not official, so we'll see. I agree, all those tools are a real pain in the ass. I have two seperate installs for console1, one for GroupWise, one for ZenWorks. I have iManager for iPrint. And finally I have NWAdmin for my BorderManager proxy.

Yer. It's much easier to install on Windows, as is all of Novell's software, like Groupwise. Not a ringing endorsement, is it?

GroupWise on Linux is easy. eDirectory....well. A part of OES2 is supposed to be install tools, whether that's during install, and/or post, we'll see. I'm still looking forward to it, overall.

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