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Legal "A federal judge on Thursday gutted SCO Group's USD 5 billion, Linux-related lawsuit against IBM - renewing debate about the Utah company's future. Concluding a six-week review, US District Judge Dale Kimball upheld federal Magistrate Brooke Wells' June decision to strike down two-thirds of SCO's allegations. The Lindon-based software company contends IBM violated its contract and copyrights when it allegedly leaked SCO-owned Unix code into the freely-distributed Linux operating system.
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RE: Linux now mostly in the clear
by hal2k1 on Sun 3rd Dec 2006 01:14 UTC in reply to "Linux now mostly in the clear"
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//The next major portion of SCO's case is that they told IBM to stop distributing AIX because of the infringing Linux code. IBM told SCO to shove it and continued distributing AIX because the claim against Linux was groundless//

There is a little more to it than that.

IBM had an "irrevokable" license for Unix that SCO tried to revoke. Novell gets to (attempt to) do things like that, not SCO. Refer here:

IBM had a waiver from Novell.

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