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Novell and Ximian The first fruit of the recently announced Novell/Microsoft interoperability agreement arrived on Dec. 4, with Novell's announcement that its version of the OpenOffice productivity suite will now support the Microsoft Office Open XML format. The release candidate of Novell's modified version of 2.02 is now available for Windows for free download by registered Novell users.
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RE[2]: Say what you want
by Terracotta on Mon 4th Dec 2006 23:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Say what you want"
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2005-08-15 is licensed under the GPL, so soon enough it will be in the normal version as well, since you can't link to closed code, not through plugins, nor through extra code.

I just hope that they made a plugin kind of thing that can be used by Koffice, abiword, Gnumeric and the like, unlike their .doc filters.

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RE[3]: Say what you want
by archiesteel on Mon 4th Dec 2006 23:17 in reply to "RE[2]: Say what you want"
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I hope you're right...I'll be looking forward to it.

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RE[3]: Say what you want
by grat on Mon 4th Dec 2006 23:19 in reply to "RE[2]: Say what you want"
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Actually, OOo is LGPL, and the OpenXML is indeed a plugin, which is either BSD or LGPL licensed-- I haven't been bothered enough to check.

So, I suppose, to maintain it's market share, OpenOffice.Org should drop support for the .doc format as well?

Kudos to OSNews for not reporting it as "Novell forks OpenOffice", however.

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