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Novell and Ximian The first fruit of the recently announced Novell/Microsoft interoperability agreement arrived on Dec. 4, with Novell's announcement that its version of the OpenOffice productivity suite will now support the Microsoft Office Open XML format. The release candidate of Novell's modified version of 2.02 is now available for Windows for free download by registered Novell users.
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RE: Strange..
by segedunum on Tue 5th Dec 2006 13:20 UTC in reply to "Strange.."
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...which will be all standardised on the OpenXML format; and if XPS is supported as well, it would act as an icing on the cake.

Since neither of thse formats are widespread or popular, and they're controlled by a company in a monopoly position that can insert binary and proprietary data within the open bits at any time, what exactly is the point of bolstering support for them?

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RE[2]: Strange..
by kaiwai on Wed 6th Dec 2006 04:48 in reply to "RE: Strange.."
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Compared to Adobe which controls PDF and threatens anyone in a dominant position who dares implement it in their product - aka Microsoft threatened by Adobe when they raised the idea of providing PDF support natively in Office.

I'd prefer Microsoft to control things rather than Adobe, who quite frankly, doesn't have the maturity to handle such a responsibility.

Oh, and XPS will become wide spread popular because it'll be the default supported format for Windows Vista, and the default file format publishing in Office 2007 - interesting, it could have been PDF, but due to Adobes arrogance, they've now lost that and they'll lose their marketshare.

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