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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten a new virtual filesystem, dubbed BranchFS. This makes it possible to branch filesystems, convert read-only media into read-write media, and add SkyFS attributes to non-SkyFS volumes. "BranchFS makes it possible to make a reversible filesystem. By using your system partition you can revert to a previous state (with just one reboot) and and when using a CD BranchFS makes it possible to make changes to the content. BranchFS is still in heavy development but branching a LiveCD works quite well already. The first SkyOS LiveCD will be based on BranchFS."
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by saxiyn on Thu 7th Dec 2006 02:34 UTC
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This is not an innovation. "Branching", more usally called "union mount", is a well known concept. Using it to implement LiveCD is a commonplace. Actually, union mount was available in the system as old as 4.4 BSD!

See for an implementation of this idea for Linux. Its homepage lists 30 Linux LiveCD projects already using it.

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RE: Innovation?
by mikesum32 on Thu 7th Dec 2006 05:27 in reply to "Innovation?"
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That's first thing I thought of.

It's slightly annoying that Robert renames an existing technology.

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RE[2]: Innovation?
by Kelly Rush on Thu 7th Dec 2006 06:33 in reply to "RE: Innovation?"
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I don't think Robert ever claimed to have "invented" this idea...

Additionally, it's just a name, a way for us to refer to this technology as it is presented in SkyOS. There are thousands of different processes and sub-systems in SkyOS, and naming them something unique is a good way of keeping them straight.

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