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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku network stack currently under heavy development is reportedly working with the Vision IRC client. Haiku developer Axel Dörfler reports that the network stack can now successfully run the Vision IRC client (screenshot on the Haiku website). At this stage, the network still needs to be configured manually, but this can be easily done by editing a couple of files as explained here. Haiku can use BeOS network drivers, so if your NIC is not supported, you can try finding a driver on
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Great news
by merkoth on Thu 7th Dec 2006 12:44 UTC
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I can't wait to have Haiku R1 in my hands, I really look forward for this project. Once the "R5 clone" stage is finished, we may see the future of a BeOS-like OS, made for the community by the community :-)

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RE: Great news
by whitehornmatt on Thu 7th Dec 2006 13:37 in reply to "Great news"
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I think R1 will be here very soon considering how fast development is going at the moment. Axel does a brilliant job with Haiku

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RE[2]: Great news
by jeanmarc on Thu 7th Dec 2006 13:57 in reply to "RE: Great news"
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Don't expect a R1 too early. The Haiku guys are serious, R1 will mean stable release. Anyway, Haiku is moving fast forward gratefully with Axel and others devs
Thanks again to all who contribute!

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RE: Great news
by Valhalla on Thu 7th Dec 2006 15:19 in reply to "Great news"
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with all the nice progress reports of late I have to constantly remind myself that patience is indeed a virtue. and if we onlookers can almost 'taste it', imagine how the developers must feel after 5 years of hard work.

my sincere thanks to all the developers for not only (re)creating a magnificent piece of software, but also for letting the rest of us reap the benefits of all their hard labour.

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RE: Great news
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 7th Dec 2006 20:44 in reply to "Great news"
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Totally agreed. I remember being immensely impressed at the things that the people in the OpenTracker project were able to accomplish in a short time after Tracker's source was released (within about 6 months I believe, they had fixed up the majority of the quirks/gripes most people had). It should be quite interesting once Haiku gets past the "just making it work" phase.

There's also the nearly-obsessive attention to detail displayed by many BeOS developers. I remember a 2-3 day debate on the OT mailing lists about the relative usability merits of the terminology "partition" vs. "volume." Some may see that as a sign of OCD, but I see it as a sign of an OS that I won't constantly be cursing due to legions of small quirks.

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