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SuSE, openSUSE Michael Loeffler has announced the release of OpenSUSE 10.2 to the ftp servers. "As usual, we ship all the latest open source packages available at the time. But we want to give special mention to the redesigned GNOME and KDE desktop, Firefox 2.0, ext3 as new default file system, support for internal SD card readers, new power managment and last but not least our improved package management." Update: Screenshots.
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I admit - I'm torn
by WarpKat on Thu 7th Dec 2006 17:10 UTC
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I started downloading Fedora yesterday because I'm irritated at the comments MS had made after the fact, and then tried to downplay what they meant.

Someone once told me, "The first things out of your mouth in public are always your true feelings - everything else after to curtail any political damage is BS."

So far, out of everything I've seen that relates to MS speaking in public about open source, all of it IS total BS.

So here I sit - trying to decide whether or not to switch my servers to Fedora or keep them on OpenSuSE and ride the train with the few others willing to sit with Novell and the alleged huge mistake they've made.

I started using SuSE at 9.3, having switched from Slackware, due to its PAM support (which I needed at the time), and I was pleased because of its stability. Then 10.0 came out and I was less than satisfied - it was infested with more bugs than a roach motel on the morning after Thanksgiving.

And then the MS deal happens. I stated I wouldn't be using it, however, after reading Stallman's absolvement of Novell, I asked myself one thing - "Am I conforming to a publicly induced panic attack or do I really feel this way?"

Time's going to tell me the end on this one, methinks...

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RE: I admit - I'm torn
by Hands on Thu 7th Dec 2006 17:47 in reply to "I admit - I'm torn"
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"ride the train with the few others"

There are more than just a few that like openSUSE for personal use, and business users don't exactly dump an operating system overnight. I have seen a lot of very negative comments toward anything related to Novell just like you have, but I'm not making any assumptions about how well SUSE or openSUSE will do in the future based on these comments. SUSE might not fare well because of Novell's decisions, but I think we all need to take the last month or so with a grain of salt.

I started using SUSE at about the same time you did. It hasn't been a perfect OS, but since then I haven't found anything that I felt was really better or even quite as good for me. Version 10.1 was an embarrassment, but I'm hoping that 10.2 will put the major issues in the past.

If it doesn't, there are other distributions to look at. I think that Mandriva has made some positive changes. Ulteo might turn out to be something really great. I've never really liked Fedora, but it has seemed better recently. Ubuntu and Kubuntu have spent a decent amount of time on my systems recently, and even though I haven't bought into the Ubuntu hype it is certainly a better option now than it was a year ago. For now, I still like SUSE.

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