Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 8th Dec 2006 20:07 UTC, submitted by Philipp Esselbach
Linspire Freespire 2.0 Alpha2 (1.1.73) is now available for download. "Merged Upstart boot scripts, improved boot time noticed; updated ATI Drivers to current version; enhanced Nvidia support; added knetworkmanager; and much more."
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RE: upstart is a big new feature
by jimveta on Sat 9th Dec 2006 09:07 UTC in reply to "upstart is a big new feature"
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Cool! I wasn't going to download the alphas, but now I think I am upon that news. One major turnoff for me in using Linspire/Freespire (and Xandros and Suse and others) was the loooong boot time compared to Windows, Solaris and smaller distros like Zen. Ubuntu 6.10 was very refreshing in this regard for a mainstream distro.

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I hate to add a comment to this attention lacking thread...but...

My boot time is still like 1:46 seconds, it is better but not amazing IMO.

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