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Windows ExtremeTech takes a look at the six different versions of Vista and has devised a way in helping people choose which one is best for them. The article outlines several key features and differences between versions in a comparison chart.
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Which Vista Edition Is Right for Me?
by sapere aude on Tue 12th Dec 2006 19:14 UTC
sapere aude
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None ;)

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2fargone Member since:

For all the reading I've done on Vista, the only thing I see compelling to buy it is for directx 10, but since I don't play games...

Security, maybe. But at my shop and home there's good security in place and I haven't had an infection in years.

XP will tied me over until Microsoft gets out of the per copy OS business and into the subscription OS business, at which time I will no longer use MS. So I suppose I am with you. None.

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twenex Member since:

Cheap. But correct! ;-)

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Bobe Member since:

I would have to agree.

Admittedly, I have only read about and seen screenshots of Vista, but from what I've read, I can do without Activation, DRM, and so on.

To me, Activation, and software licensing in general, is like buying a car and being told that I can only take one additional passenger with me, on a non-transferable passenger license, and I can only go to a select set of "approved" destinations. Also, if I don't call the dealer within 30 days to register my one other passenger's name, my car will explode.

All other passengers/destinations will cost me extra.


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backdoc Member since:

Those are good analogies. If I had time, I think I could elaborate or give some of my own.

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StephenBeDoper Member since:

That's not quite grasping for the low-hanging fruit. It's more digging up and grasping for the low-hanging fruit that has already fallen off the branch, begun to decompose, and been partially-buried.

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graigsmith Member since:

aww, you beat me to it. None is the correct answer for me.

Vista looks like an interesting os. But the restrictive license and price are totally unacceptable.

furthermore, the locked down media controls with specific hardware requirements - Unacceptable. who want's to buy a new monitor just for vista? No thank you.

The inability to transfer "your license" to other bits of hardware. Why pay for something, when it's like you don't own it, and can't even use it under certain conditions. like if you change your hardware too many times. It's Microsoft's software, and strangely enough they have the right to tell me how and when it can be used. But, why would i want to pay to be forced into something so restrictive. NO, no thank you.

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