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Windows ExtremeTech takes a look at the six different versions of Vista and has devised a way in helping people choose which one is best for them. The article outlines several key features and differences between versions in a comparison chart.
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Doc Pain
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"If you keep your PC for 4 years [...]"

Who really does this? Especially gamers who will want to have "Vista" will surely buy new components after a few months of use and exchange the whole PC after a time not longer than one year.

"We can all afford it."

Because people like car analogies: I can afford a car - but I don't need one, so I won't buy one. :-)

"And most of us will want it."

I'm not sure Steven Q. Average will even know what "Vista" is so he won't want it. But I agree, he will get it as soon he purchases a new PC with an OEM version of "Vista" preinstalled on it. And because they don't know about alternatives (or don't want to know about it), they will stick with it until a new product from MICROS~1 arrives...

Ah... and I forgot: Most "little more than average" users will upgrade to the "Ultimate" edition for free very soon. :-)

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fsckit Member since:

1 year? The whole PC. Not too believable. Most dicussions I've read suggest that gamers might upgrade their video card once a year at most. And PC's every couple.

Vista allows that.

And there lies the real issue. If there is even a question as to whether my OS of choice allows me to upgrade my own damn hardware, it will never touch my hard drive.

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