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Features, Office " 2.1 is recommend for all users, as it represents a significant improvement over all previous versions. Among other things: multiple monitor support for Impress; improved Calc HTML export; enhanced Access support for Base; even more languages; automatic notification of updates."
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Calc can't insert chart as new sheet.?
by rakamaka on Tue 12th Dec 2006 21:53 UTC
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In Excel i can insert chart as new sheet. But not in calc. It inserts on same worksheet. This prevents me from clear view, editing and printing.

Also import/export between gnumeric, calc and excel and preserving whole format is another topic of discussion. I am talking about just 100 datapoints and simple linear graph..

So still I cannot send OO files back and forth for corrections/editing between my linux distro and my Boss' XP. even in ODF or whatever format it looses format in each transit.

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eMagius Member since:

I've noticed much the same. I'm not sure if these are simple bugs or [bad] design decisions.

(Why was the parent post modded down? It's very much on-topic, not spam, and not a personal attack.)

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Is this some kind of windows problem? Inserting charts in a new sheet works both in 2.1 and in previous versions. At first I was thinking the grand parent was just trolling (No, it wasn't me that modded him down)

Just select Insert->Chart... and then select "-- new sheet --" from the popdown menu. and then continue to select diagram types etc.

Voila! You have your graphics in a separate sheet.

By specifying the range manually you can even have your graphics in an entirely different spreadsheet document, either from your own computer or a document on the internet.

My guess is that many of the problems that MS-Office users experience when they say that OOo, lacks the features they need just is a matter of being unfamiliar with a new environment.

Not wanting to learn how to do something in a new way is of course a totally valid reason for not switching to another program. I understand that doing so may cost time and money, but it is not the fault of that other program.

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I just selected some data, clicked on the graph icon, selected a different sheet and inserted the graph in that other sheet. The graph was drawn in the other sheet. Would that meet your requirements?

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