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Linux Over the past week, some of the Linux desktop's foremost developers gathered together in Portland, Oregon at the OSDL Desktop Architects Meeting to work further on bringing order to the Linux desktop. According to John Cherry, the OSDL's Desktop Linux initiative manager, there was a good turnout of about 45 developers from the community, including major Linux vendors such as Novell and Red Hat, and ISVs like Google and Adobe."
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RE[4]: API's
by Doc Pain on Wed 13th Dec 2006 00:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: API's"
Doc Pain
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"Kaffeine doesn't scan through Hard disks and CDs. Amarok might do that (on first run only), but Amarok is much more than just a simple media player. Amarok is more like a "media collection browser". "

Ah! My mistake! Of course it was Amarok. Sorry for remembering incorrectly, but because I don't use KDE I'm not very familiar with the applications connected to file types by default. So Amarok would "just play" a selected file for the second run? (I still use XMMS for MP3 playback.)

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RE[5]: API's
by hal2k1 on Wed 13th Dec 2006 01:15 in reply to "RE[4]: API's"
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//So Amarok would "just play" a selected file for the second run?//

I'm not sure. I think it would.

Amarok isn't really designed for the scenario "double click an audio file in the file manager to play it". That is really Kaffeine's domain.

Amarok is more of a "media collection browser" come super-playlist-organiser come lyrics finder & displayer, etc. Amarok is more intended to be used in the scenario "open Amarok to select tracks for a session of listening to your music collection".

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